Just added over 20 screencaps of Lita from the new twisted sister video.I Noticed The shot of poison pics were poor quality so I updated the pics with HQ Ones ! I'm also working on pics from close my eyes forever they should be up soon I'll try to make this the best Lita Ford site on the Net

                            Welcome To My Lita Ford Site

Hey Lita Ford Fans! You probably looking for some HQ pics of the Queen of Metal but came up empty handed. Well look no further Here at Rocksyourworld We have tons of HQ screencaps from Lita's videos. So feel free to Use them. I'm Working on new wallpaper and Media as well Feel free to check out my Lita Ford Group by clicking the pic on the left

                               Answer to certain pics

alot of people are probably wondering why some screencaps aren't posted answer I use the VLC Player to capture the caps. Some of them are moving pretty quick so I end up with a double image
i recentley added some more pics to the Kiss Me Deadly page check em out and enjoy

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